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Red Poll Cattle Society

1 Nabbott Road,

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Semen For Sale

The Society owns semen from the following bulls.

Straws can be ordered through the Society's office by post or by telephone on 01245 600032. When ordering, please quote your full name and address, the number of straws from the chosen bull and your local AI Centre.

Costs: Orders for non-Genus AI Centres are subject to up to £50 transport costs, plus handling costs by the non-Genus AI Centres concerned. Please contact the office to discuss charges when ordering.



£12.50 member. £17.50 non member

1. Bowland Vincentio 2697212. Knepp Quality 26566*
2. Bowland Zeus 2707113. Knepp Rambler 26604*
3. Castlefields Nooky 2691514. Lavenham Sir Galahad 27024
4. Castlefields Nu Duke 27152*15. Lavenham Sir Lancelot 26993
5. Chalkhill Buzzard 2666616. Longdendale Unique 26678*
6. Datchworth Concorde 26550*17. Lowpark Applepippin 26429
7. Fedw Stig 2687718. Onenfawr Prince 26668*
8. Fedw Tomos 2686419. Pinpur Intercontinental 26641
9. Kirton Supreme Duke 26170*20. Sandilands Romeo 26506*
10. Knepp Factor 26621*21. Underhills Likely Lad 26616*
11. Knepp Fantastic 26647*22. Underhills Super Jet 26813*
23. Bowland Ferdinand 27297
* An asterisk by a bull's name indicates that he has dairy records
Follow link for full pedigree

Members: £12.50 per straw which includes Genus distribution charges to Genus AI Centres
Non-members: £17.50 per straw which includes Genus distribution charges to Genus AI Centres


£32 per straw
1. Bradwell Rosemaster 26488*6. Kemerton Vulcan 26518
2. Dungate Faunus 258287. Mistley Linking Licias 25732*
3. Foxearth Claret 26341*8. Knepp Charity 26589*
4. Foxearth Defiant 264529. Knepp Quartet 26603*
5. Gedding Badger 26619*
* An asterisk by a bull's name indicates that he has dairy records

£32 per straw - applications for maximum of 2 straws, nominating cow to be used, to be approved by Council and to be paid in advance.

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust

National Agricultural Centre,
Stoneleigh Park,
Warwicks. CV8 2LG

Contact details:

024 7669 6551

cs (at) genusbreeding (dot) co (dot) uk

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The Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Have semen for the following bulls:

Underhills Horatio 26803 s

Datchworth Concorde 26550 gd

Wheatfield Duke's Nigel 26830 s

Chalkhill Buzzard 26666

Knepp Fantastic 26647


Cattle semen is available through Genus of Nantwich. The cost per straw is £10 (inc VAT) plus a consignment fee of £5 (inc VAT). There is an annual limit per breeder of 10 straws per person per bull.

Please enclose full payment and membership number with your order which should be posted to Genus Breeding Ltd, Alpha Building, London Road, Nantwich, CW5 7JW. Contact the Customer Service Team on Tel: 0870 162 2000, Fax: 01270 616702 or e-mail: cs@genusbreeding.co.uk

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