Abbey Herd

David and Lis Blunt – Smallholders in North Buckinghamshire

We chose dual purpose Native Red Poll cattle because of the excellent temperament and being a medium sized animal are easy to handle. They are an excellent breed to use for a suckler herd.

The cows/heifers are easy calving and due to their milkiness produce a calf that grows away quickly. We house the cattle in sheds over winter to save the grassland from poaching as we are on heavy ground and they are fed silage and minerals, no concentrates.

Steers finish between 24-28 months at approximately 600 kg live weight. Red Poll meat is of excellent quality with the marbling giving it fabulous flavour and we have repeat customers for our boxed beef.

There is nothing better on a summer’s day than seeing a herd of Red Polls grazing in the sunshine.

Taken from Newsletter, No. 113, Spring 2019

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