National Show at Cheshire Show 2016


The National Show held with Cheshire Show.

Judge: Ernest Mackey.

2016 Cheshire Show Results

2016 National Show

Class 1 Maiden Heifer Born 1/1 To 31/3/2015.

  1. Nobodys Illora       J. Broughton 
  2. Watergate Hermione   J & A Hunt
  3. Moreton Baby Fairlie   T Mancey   

Class 2 Maiden Heifer Born 1/4 To 31/12/2015.

  1. Pear Tree Zara    A Bickerton 
  2. Pear Tree Victoria    A Bickerton 
  3. Raimsmere Foxglove   Capel Manor College

Class 3 Maiden Heifer Born 1/1 To 31/3/2014.

            No Entries   

Class 4 Maiden Heifer Born 1/4 To 31/12/2014.

  1. Chorlton Lane Evanesca   H. Arthan
  2. Capel Manor Enya    Capel Manor College 
  3. Watergate Gertrude   J & A Hunt 

Class 5 Heifer In Calf Or With First Calf At Foot

  1. Watergate Foxglove   J & A Hunt 
  2. Moreton Baby Drury   T. Mancey   
  3. Bowland Evita   S Temple 

Class 6 Dry Cow

  1. Moreton Lady Africa   T Mancey
  2.             One Entry

Class 7 Cow In Milk Or With Calf At Foot

  1. Bowland Yolande    S Temple 
  2. Pinguis Emily 12th    J Williams 
  3. Pear Tree Sherry    A Bickerton 

Class 8 SC P Best Suckling Calf.

  1. Calf Of Bowland Yolande     S Temple 
  2. Calf Of Eaves Camellia    M Paddock & S Marsden   

Class 9 Sp Cow With Best Udder.

  1. Pinguis Emily 12th    J Williams
  2. Chorlton Lane Crystal   H Arthan 

Class 10 Sp Female Champion

Ch.  Watergate Foxglove    J & A Hunt

Res. Moreton Lady Africa     T Mancey

Class 11 Sp Best Maiden Heifer.

Ch.  Chorlton Lane Evanesca    H Arthan

Res.  Nobodys Illora    J Broughton

Class 12 Bull Born on or After 1/1/2015

  1.  Bowland Ferdinand   S Temple
  2.  Pinguis Frederick     J Williams
  3.  Nobodys Intrepid    J Broughton

Class 13 Bull Born Between 1/1 & 31/1/2014.

  1. Pinguis Emperor   J Williams

                One Entry

Class 14 Bull Born Before 1/1/2014.

  1.  Chorlton Lane Albert    M Paddock & S Marsden
  2.  Pinguis Duke                J Williams
  3.                         Two Entries

Class 15 Sp Male Champion.

Ch. Chorlton Lane Albert    M Paddock & S Marsden

Res   Bowland Ferdinand   S Temple

Class 16 Sp Best Junior Bull

Ch Bowland Ferdinand   S Temple

Res Pinguis Emperor   J Williams

Class17 Sp Junior Champion

Ch       Chorlton Lane Evanesca   H Arthan

Res     Bowland Ferdinand    S Temple

Class 18 Sp Exhibitor Bred Champion

Ch   Watergate Foxglove     J & A Hunt

Res Chorlton Lane Evanesca   H Arthan

Class 19 Sp Breed Champion

Ch    Watergate Foxglove   J & A Hunt

Res   Chorlton Lane Albert   M Paddock & S Marsden  

Class 20 Best Pair

  1.  J & A Hunt
  2.  S Temple

Class 21 Best Group of Three.

  1.   S Temple
  2.   J & A Hunt

Class 22 Sp Best Progeny Group.

  1.  T Mancey ( Group By Moreton Percy)
  2.  S Temple (Group Out Of Bowland Yolande)

Junior Young Handler Under 14

     No Entries

Senior Young Handler Over 14

  1.  Stephen Williams
  2.  Heather Taylor
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