Royal Norfolk Show 2016


Royal Norfolk Show 2016

29th & 30th June.

Show Champion Heathgate Eliza

Heifer, born on or after 1st Jan 2015.

1st  Nobodys Illora, J. Broughton

2nd Nobodys Ismene, J. Broughton

3rd Heathgate Freda, D. Jenkins

4th Watergate Hermione, J&A Hunt

Heifer born 1st Jan 14 & 31st Dec. 14.

1st Heathgate Eliza, D. Jenkins

2nd Hopeham Elegant, G&S Barnes

3rd Watergate Gertrude, J&A Hunt

Heifer in calf or with calf at foot.

1st Watergate Foxglove, J&A Hunt

2nd Heathgate Freya, D. Jenkins

Cow, in milk, in calf or with calf at foot.

1st Heathgate Clover, D. Jenkins

2nd Hepworth Tansy, R. Brookes

Bull, born after 1st Jan 2015.

1st Andrew Federick Eros, P&T Grint

2nd Hopeham Fauzie, G&S Barnes

3rd Heathgate Frank, D. Jenkins

4th Heathgate Floyd, D. Jenkins

5th Nobodys Intrepid, J. Broughton

Bull born prior to 1st January 2015.

1st Wickham Whirlwind, P. Rackham

Championship and Reserve Rosette and Card for the best Bull

Chp Andrew Frederick Eros, P&T Grint

Res Chp Hopeham Fauzie, G&S Barnes


Best of Breed – The Bradwell Cup

Champion – Heathgate Eliza, D. Jenkins

Res Champion – Watergate Foxglove, J&A Hunt


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