The Royal Norfolk Show 2015 - Results


This years Royal Norfolk Show was a hot one!

Well done to all who entered and had to persuade their cattle to come out of the shade and parade on the sunny side.

Thanks to our Judge Mr Cheetham who stood in the full sun and did a great job selecting some very close classes.


Royal Norfolk Show Results

1st July 2015.


Heifer born on or after 1st Jan 2014

1st   Heathgate Eliza   D Jenkins

2nd  Hopeham Essence   G&S Barnes

3rd  Lavenham Kirsty   Lady Getty


Heifer born on or between 1st Jan ’13 & 31st Dec ‘13

1st  Heathgate Duchess   D Jenkins

2nd  Lavenham Foxglove   Lady Getty

3rd  Heathgate Delilah   D Jenkins


Heifer with calf at foot

1st   Heathgate Clover   D Jenkins


Cow in milk, in calf, or with calf at foot born before Jan 1st ‘13

1st Lavenham Rhiannon   Lady Getty

2nd  East Beere Zita   D Jenkins

3rd  Hopeham Atalia   G&S Barnes


Bull born after 1st Jan ‘14

1st   Heathgate Edric   D Jenkins

2nd  Wickham Whirlwind   P. Rackam

3rd   Dyffryn Edwin   T&A Barratt


Bull born prior to 1st Jan ‘14

1st   Lavenham Sir Caradoc   Lady Getty

2nd   Bridgham Lancelot   D Jenkins


Female Champion - Lavenham Rhiannon   Lady Getty

Reserve:  Heathgate Clover   D Jenkins


Male Champion – Lavenham Sir Caradoc   Lady Getty

Reserve:   Bridgham Lancelot   D Jenkins


Breed Champion – Lavenham Sir Caradoc   Lady Getty

Reserve: Lavenham Rhiannon   Lady Getty


Best animal owned and bred by exhibitor resident in Norfolk

Bridgham Lancelot   D Jenkins

Reserve: Heathgate Clover   D Jenkins


Best group of three owned and bred by exhibitor: D Jenkins

Reserve G&S Barnes

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