The Shropshire Show 2018 Results


Shropshire Show 2018



Bull any age:

1st Moreton Forsbrook – Helen & Terry Mancey

2nd Pinguis Frederick – John Williams

3rd Pinguis Hector – John Williams


Cow in calf or with calf at foot:

1st Copperidge Alexa – John Williams

2nd Chorlton Lane Crystal – Helen Arthan

3rd Pinguis Emily 12th – John Williams

4th Pear Tree Ruby – Alan Bickerton


Heifer born in 2016:

1st Pinguis Emily 18th – John Williams

2nd Pochin Marefield – John Williams

3rd Pear Tree Maggi May – Alan Bickerton


Heifer born in 2017:

1st Pinguis Emily 19th – John Williams

2nd Chorlton Lane Cokey – Helen Arthan

3rd Moreton Baby Huia – Helen & Terry Mancey

4th Pinguis Caroline 14th – John Williams



1st John Williams

2nd Alan Bickerton

3rd John Williams


Male Champion – Moreton Forsbrook

Reserve – Pinguis Frederick


Female Champion – Copperidge Alexa

Reserve – Pinguis Emily 19th


Breed Champion – Moreton Forsbrook

Reserve – Copperidge Alexa



Judge's Report

It was my great pleasure to be the last minute stand-in to judge at this year’s Shropshire Show.

There were 15 animals forward. The first class was any age bulls. 2 x 3yr olds and 1 yearling. I placed Moreton Forsbrook first in the class du to his better topline, depth of body and mobility. He wasa well balanced bull, not as big and 2nd placed Pinguis Frederick but on the day a better balanced animal. Later on he was to become my Breed Champion.

In the cow class 2 cows with calves at foot and 2 dry cows. In 1st  place I placed Copperidge Alexa, a well balanced cow with a deep body, excellent topline, walking well on good legs, only let down by a slightly uneven udder. She was suckling a very good 6 week old bull calf which assisted in her placing. 2nd place went to Chorlton Lane Crystal a very correct dry cow who, in my opinion, could do with a bit more size. 7yr old cow Pinguis Emily 12th was 3rd. She has been an excellent cow in her time but being freshly calved only a week, her udder let her down as did her feet.

In-calf heifers saw 1st place go to Pinguis Emily 18th, a well grown well balanced animal with lots of potential.

Yearling heifers saw another member of the Pinguis Emily family, Emily 19th to the fore. Another well-proportioned animal who walked well with lots of character.

As stated earlier I made Male Champion Moreton Forsbrook Champion with Female Champion Copperidge Alexa as reserve. The main reason for this was the balance that the bull showed together with my reservations about the cows udder.

I would like to thank the Shropshire Show for providing first class facilities and the exhibitors for making me welcome.

Ray Bowler.


Breed Champion – Moreton Forsbrook with Terry Mancey & Ray Bowler

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