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The Red Poll Cattle Society is a registered Charity in the U.K. and was founded in 1888 to promote and improve the breeding of Red Poll Cattle, and to maintain their purity.

Welcome to the Red Poll Cattle Society

The Red Poll Cow is one of the traditional native British dual purpose breeds (beef & milk).

It is naturally polled (hornless). It thrives on low input management systems as it is an efficient converter of forage requiring little or no additional feed.

An easy calving docile cow and an excellent mother.

Steers and young bulls finish well and produce outstanding quality meat.

The Red Poll Cattle Society serves its members by encouraging the development of Red Poll cattle and promoting their use within the livestock industry.

The majority of Red Polls in the UK are used as suckler cows (i.e. they are allowed to rear their calves until weaning at about 8 months); although a small number of milking herds continue. Milking cows will give average yields of 5,000 litres @ 4.2% butterfat and 3.5% protein. 

If you are interested in owning Red Poll Cattle or are an existing owner and want to generate sales, we offer benefits to Members who wish to advertise their cattle on the website. If we can help with this or any other information, please contact us for more details. 

We also have some great events for students & younger members who are keen to get involved with the Red Poll Cattle Society.

About the Red Poll Cattle Society

The Society operates through a Council which is responsible for the promotion of the Red Poll breed in general and in particular to maintain the beef and milking qualities of the breed thus adding value to the membership.

Council has defined its role by passing the following resolution:

The Council of the Red Poll Cattle Society recognizes that there are a variety of valid herd objectives amongst its members and a number of strategies to meet those objectives. Council confirms it is not its role to promote any one objective or strategy but to support all its members with such assistance as they may require. Council further recognizes that it should encourage the use of Red Poll cattle and the resulting product so as to expand the overall market.

The Council does this in the following ways: 

The Secretary, Ray Bowler, is responsible for the administration of the Society as to membership, registrations, transfers, semen & stock sales and stock required.  He will also co-ordinate the Regional Field Officer system.  Ray is happy to answer any queries that members or potential members may have and can be contacted on 01245 600032 or secretary@redpoll.co.uk

Terina Booker is Treasurer and  carries out the day-to-day financial work from 52 Border Cot Lane, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0EZ (01728 746959  terina.booker@btinternet.com).  All payments should be sent to Terina.  Invoices carry the address and information for BACS payments if members wish to use that system.

The Society has appointed secretary@redpoll.co.uk, who will then pass the details to the relevant RFO and place the details on the website if wished.  
A commission of 2.5% is payable by vendors to the Society for all cattle sales posted on the website or via Regional Field Officers.  Purchasers can request inspection of cattle on their behalf by their Regional Field Officer, at the cost of the RFO's travelling expenses. 

Registrations of calves cannot be done via the website at the moment.  Contact Ray Bowler, the Secretary, on 01245 600032 secretary@redpoll.co.uk for information.

The chair of the Publicity & Promotion Committee, Sally Grimwood, manages the website.  She can be contacted on 01728 832821/07780 964978 sally.g53@live.com

The Society maintains and publishes a Herd Book annually which is sent free of charge to registering members.

A magazine, The Red Poll News, is published regularly and can be sent by email to members.

The Society runs an annual Field Day and several workshops on various technical matters. Recently workshops have been held on finishing cattle, assessing bulls and cows, and fertility issues.

An Annual Dinner is held in the Autumn and various regional events are held such as farm walks, herd competitions and social events.

The Society is keen to attract young members and holds handling and judging competitions for student and junior members.

The Council measures and details its plans in the STRATEGY DOCUMENT.

To encourage the collection of Breed Data, the Society offers an annual subsidy of £125 to members who join the Signet Beef Recording Scheme. The subsidy is paid on production of a paid Signet invoice. For further details, please contact the Secretary.

To encourage the collection of Breed Data, the Society offers an annual subsidy of £125 to members who undertake milk recording with NMR. For further details, please contact the Secretary.

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