Red Poll Beef and Cheese

The Red Poll is a very versatile creature and whilst the majority of breeders have beef for sale, milk and cheese is also produced.

Red Poll Beef Qualities Red Poll beef is noted for: -

- exceptional tenderness

- good marbling

- fine grain

- succulent texture

- full flavour

It tastes like British beef used to.


Traditional British Beef

Traditional British breeds of cattle, like the Red Poll, thrive in non-intensive, low input, natural farming environments, with a simple grass diet. They are well-adapted to life in our lush green countryside and ideal for grazing land managed to conserve wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity.

Meat from our native, grass fed cattle typically has higher levels of polyunsaturated, omega-3 fats than the more intensively reared, grain fed continental breeds. It also tastes exceedingly good with a rich, full flavour.


Rare Breed Beef

Red Poll cattle are protected and promoted by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust ( Eating rare breed beef helps to ensure the survival of the breed. This may seem a contradiction but providing a market for the beef also provides the farmer with the incentive to breed more cattle.

More often than not, farmers of rare breed cattle are passionate about their animals, have very high standards of animal welfare and farm with respect for the environment. Typically, the animals avoid the stress of markets as the farmers deal directly with their customers.

Andrew Loftus of Weetons Farm has more information on the Red Poll beef on his website [contact Andrew]

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