Capel Manor Herd

Paul Grainger – Livestock Manager, Capel Manor College, Enfield

We started our herd in 2010 following discussions with the Secretary of the Society. We wanted a breed that was native, quiet, easy to handle, easy calving and delicious to eat. The herd currently stands at 8 cows plus associated youngstock.

Cows are yarded in winter and fed hay and minerals. All the youngstock are out-wintered and fed the same, a small quantity of concentrates are also fed to the youngstock. We hire a bull for the summer, however this year we have kept the male calves entire in the hope of selling breeding bulls to Society members.

Steers are slaughtered and butchered locally with the meat being sold in the Farm Shop and at Farm Open days / Events which bring in an excellent income. Situated in North London, we are an educational farm giving urban students an insight into where their food comes from, they get immense benefit from handling and looking after the cattle. Showing is also carried out which gives the students another excellent experience.

I would thoroughly recommend the breed to anyone starting out with cattle or to those with limited land availability. They are truly dualpurpose, we don’t milk them but they could easily be milked if required.

Taken from Newsletter, No. 113, Spring 2019

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