Chorlton Lane Herd

Helen Arthan, Cheshire

I chose Red Poll cattle for my pedigree suckler herd in order to support a rare or minority British breed and to provide a niche product.

Red Polls are dual purpose: the dairy element produces tender meat while the beef side gives good muscling. The result is top quality beef with lots of marbling, not too much fat and a fabulous flavour (like beef used to taste as some of my customers say).

The milkiness of the cattle means the calves do very well. The cows calve easily and are good mothers, easy to get back in calf, long-lived. The herd thrives on old permanent pasture, extensively grazed with very low inputs, managed under an environmental stewardship scheme. The bullocks finish at anything from 24 months off grass.

I farm on my own so the gentle temperament of the Red Polls is important to me. And they look gorgeous!

Taken from Newsletter, No. 113, Spring 2019

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