Coronavirus Statement - 23rd March 2020


Dear Member.

As you will now be aware, due to the Coronavirus situation, the Government has stated all meetings, events, shows, in effect all public meeting places will be cancelled until further notice.

The Society therefore has no option but to adhere to this ruling.

It is with regret that we won't be able to exhibit at any of the County or local shows in the near future. The Suffolk Show in particular being disappointing as it was to be our National show, with the Australian Judge Ross Draper coming to officiate.

Committee meetings have been cancelled, the April Council meeting cancelled and the AGM postponed. According to our Articles of Association we have to hold the AGM within 15mths of the previous one, so it is hoped that we may be able to hold it in conjunction with the July Council meeting, however this will depend on Government advice at time.

As you will see there were more nominees than vacancies for Council this year which necessitate a vote. We intend to still hold the vote as stated in the forms that you have received with this letter, so please complete and return to the office by the date stated.

Unfortunately the Field day, which was to be held in Suffolk this year, has be postponed until 2021.

The Melton Mowbray Spring sale has been postponed, the stock that were entered are still for sale. These have been placed onto the website and a list included with this letter. If you are interested in purchasing then please contact the vendor or one of the Field Officers.

It is intended that the Regional and National Herd Competition will go ahead as usual but it will depend on Government advice nearer the time.

Stock for sale will be advertised on the Website and Regional Field Officers will operate as near to normal as is possible.

If you require young bulls to be inspected and registered then contact the office as usual and suitable arrangements will be made to carry out the inspection if at all possible.

The Society Office will be open as usual, in fact you could find me more available than usual as I won't be going to any shows. We will strive to provide the service you are used to, or as near to usual as is possible in these difficult times. If you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to contact either of us or Field Officers. If members can keep in touch with one another it will also help in these difficult times.

Best wishes and keep well

Ray Bowler – Society Secretary                                                 

John Williams – Society Chairman                              

Coronavirus / Covid-19