National Show at Suffolk Show 2015


The results of the 1st National Show, held at the Suffolk Show 2015. 


Maiden Heifer born on or after 1st Jan 2014.

1 Hopeham Eliora   Sarah Barnes

2 Lawford Edith    Mark Martin

3 Lavenham Kirstie   Lady Getty


Maiden Heifer born on or after 1st Jan 2014

1 Heathgate Eliza   Denis Jenkins

2 Capel Manor Elsie   Capel Manor College

3 Hopeham Essence    Sarah Barnes


Maiden Heifer born on or between 1st Jan & 31st Dec

1 Watergate Foxglove  The Hunt Family

2 Morton Baby Drury  Terry Mancy

3 Shuttleworth Dippy   Shuttleworth College


Maiden Heifer. As above 2nd split

1 Heathgate Delilah  Denis Jenkins

2 Lavenham Foxglove Lady Getty

3 Heathgate Duchess   Denis Jenkins


Heifer in calf or with first calf at foot

1 Watergate Emma.   The Hunt Family

2 Oakhouse Dahlia.  Ben Woolf

3 Ironstone Hilary  Capel Manor


Dry Cow

1 Oakhouse Wanda. Ben Woolf

2 Bowland Xi. Simon temple


Cow in milk or with calf at foot

1 Bowland Yolande. Simon temple

2 Lavenham May Queen. Lady Getty

3 Hopeham Atalia. Sarah Barnes. 


Best Suckling Calf

1 UK 225791 500205 ( from Lavenham May Queen)

2 UK 220696 100196 ( from Hopeham Atalia )


Cow with best udder

1 Bowland Yolande

2 Lavenham May Queen


Bull born after 1st Jan 2014

1 Hopeham Ego. Sarah Barnes

2 Heathgate Edric. Denis Jenkins

3 Hopeham Ever Ready.  Sarah Barnes


Bull born but 1st Jan & 31st Dec 2013

None forwards


Bull born before 1st Jan 2013

1 Bridgham Lancelot. Denis Jenkins

2 Lavenham Sir Caradoc Lady Getty


Best pair bred by and property of the exhibitor

1 The Hunt Family

2 Terry Mancy


Group of three bred by and property of the same exhibitor

1 Sarah Barnes

2 Ben Woolf

3 Denis Jenkins


Group of three by the same bull mixed ownership

1 Lady Getty

2 Sarah Barnes


Champion Female

Bowland Yolande.   Simon Temple


Watergate Emma.  The Hunt family


Champion Male

Bridgham Lancelot.  Denis Jenkins


Hopeham Ego.  Sarah Barnes


Best Maiden Heifer

Watergate Foxglove. The Hunt family


Heathgate Delilah. Denis Jenkins


Breed Champion

Bowland Yolande


Brigham Lancelot

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