The South Suffolk Show 2023


The results of The South Suffolk Show 2023

South Suffolk Show 2023, Results. Judge Helen Arthan

Bulls born in 2021

No entries


Bulls born in 2022

1st Capel Manor Magnes

2nd Capel Manor Matrix


Heifers born in 2021

1st Shuttleworth Lulu

2nd Shuttleworth Lollie

3rd Shuttleworth Lucky

4th Capel Manor Liona

5th Capel Manor Lulu


Heifers born in 2022

1st Marlington Marmalade

2nd Shuttleworth Mabel

3rd Capel Manor Monty


Champion – Marlington Marmalade

Reserve – Shuttleworth Lulu



1st Capel Manor

2nd Shuttleworth

3rd Shuttleworth

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